Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wednesday Weigh In : November 21 = Slow 'n steady

Another day, another chance

Todays Weigh In :
Weight                      : 77.9 kgs = 171.4 lbs
Lost this week           : 500g = 1lb 1.637oz
Total loss to date      :  1.2 kgs

Goal weight              : 74 kgs (Goal set according to Weigh Less calculation)
To reach goal            : 3.9 kg

After my little wobbly weigh in on Wednesday I was really feeling down and almost completely blew off my eating plan.  But after a day or three of feeling sorry for myself and a little, no to be truthful a lot disappointed I decided to get back on track and push myself.

So since Sunday I worked it - walking the dog on Sunday and going every day so far this week and hitting the treadmill and its paying off.

This week I'm going to keep at it and push even harder.  I want this for me, for how I feel about myself and I know each day that I hit the exercises and treadmill I'm getting stronger and fitter and I'm finding that slowly my energy levels are increasing and I'm feeling a whole lot better in general.

Hope you've had a successful week.

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  1. It is amazing how exercise keeps us on track with our eating! I hit the gym hard Monday and last night and feel a whole lot better for it as well!!!