Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wednesday Weigh In - Not a good one

This is how it went :
Weight today :  79.2 kgs
Gain of 100g over the last week

Well, I did not get off to a good start and am not at all surprised by the 100 grams gain, and its all my own fault and a case of bad planning and some serious craziness that's gone on - like a visit to UIF on Friday morning where I forgot my snack and water behind, spending Monday morning having my son having his arm xrayed and finding he'd fractured it and all that without breakfast or snack and then rushing yesterday to try and secure an earlier interview date at the US Embassy - shew - poor excuses, but they do influence the days rhythm anyway.

I now have a goal to work towards as well and the goal is that my ex in-laws are paying for me to fly to the USA to attend my daughters wedding and I'd like to look better, leaner and fitter by the end of December - that gives me two months to get 'down 'n dirty'!  She moved the date from 9th November to January when her Dad told her that this was happening. 
I'm going to be planning my meals for the next week and am working towards doing a few more blogilate workouts and to keep hitting the gym.

A little disappointed because I did not prepare well, but as I said, not surprised, but happy it wasn't more.

So friend, how's your week going? 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Weigh-Less Frikkadels

When my sister rejoined Weigh-Less she had two new cookbooks that she had bought at her meeting which had some mighty fine recipes in them, so I asked her to buy them for me, which she kindly did.  This week, I needed some inspiration and took a peep at the Dinner one and found a recipe for 'meatballs' or as they were better know in the old South Africa, Frikkadels (you got to say that with an Afrikaans accent though).

So I bought all the ingredients, did the preparation before lunchtime, popped them in the fridge as per the instructions and then finished them off later in the afternoon.  I did add a few extra herbs to the recipe and also made a 1kg batch as I have no idea what I'd do with a spare 250g of mince.

I'm not the best meatball maker but Moms meatballs are famous and in demand in our family and I felt a little apprehensive going into this whole frikkadel making event ... but, the men in my household loved them.  Schatz who when I handed him his dinner plate told me he didn't think he'd finish half of his plate as he'd only eaten his lunch at around 15:30, ended up having seconds.  The boys raved and I'm just happy I've found a recipe that works.

I made them all meatballs sandwiches with some of the left overs for work and school today ... its worth trying this recipe.

1 Serve = 1 Veg + 1 ½ Protein
Serves 8 – Suitable for members on all Steps
Prep time : 10 min
Cooking time : 40 min
200g tomato
200g onion
20ml Weigh-Less Extra Virgin Olive Oil
750g lean beef mince
40g rolled oats, raw
100ml Ultramel Skim Milk
25ml brown vinegar
½ sachet Knorr Cup-a-Soup Lite, Spicy Tomato
Weigh-Less Non-Stick Spray
salt and pepper
Remove the stem core from the tomatoes and score the bottom with a sharp knife. Plunge the tomatoes in boiling hot water for 30 seconds, remove from water and peel off skins. Roughly chop the tomatoes and onions and fry in the oil until translucent. Mix with the remaining ingredients and leave to chill in fridge for 1 hour. Remove from fridge and break into 16 even sized pieces. Roll into balls and brown in a pan that has been coated with non-stick spray. Once browned, place on a tray and bake in a 180°C oven for 30 minutes or cooked through. Serve.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday : 23 October 2013

Well ... I got on anyway this morning and it almost did  make me cry, but I have been weighing myself regularly, so it wasn't a big shock.  The only difference is that I weigh myself first thing in the morning in my birth suit, whereas this morning I was weighed with my clothing on - maybe I'm just mentioning this to make myself feel better?  But today, almost two years later and months of telling myself I should get back on the bandwagon, I went back to Weigh-Less.

Another motivator is that I earn Vitality points as well and I'm almost at the next level where I earn more discounts at Clicks and Dischem.

After the weigh in, I headed to gym and hit the treadmill for a good 15 minutes fatburn session of the treadmill.  As I was leaving, the owner of the gym pointed me to the work out room - oh no way sir, but he did ask if I've ever had an assessment and I don't remember doing it, but he convinced me to book in for one on Friday morning - and no coffee beforehand ... yikes.


Height   :  1.63cm (I've lost another 3cms of height and that's worrying to me)
Weight  :   80.1kgs (I have never ever in my entire life, including pregnancies, weighed this much)

My first meal on the new plan was my breakfast which was 100ml low fat yoghurt and 25g of Weigh-less Fruit Muesli.

So, now that the worst part of the day is over - let me ask you, how's your day going?

Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Motivation : Nobody cares about your excuses

This is so in your face and whether we like to believe it or not, there's really only 'us' standing in our own way.  The old saying, "where there's a will, there's a way" is so true.  You hear stories regularly of people achieving amazing feats despite a hundred obstacles standing in their way - with that in mind - do we really have the right to sit and whinge and whine and make pitiful little excuses -


If this has motivated you, then plan your week now!

Decide that no matter how tired, uninspired or busy you are, you'll make 15 minutes to get on the treadmill or take the dog for a walk twice this week, that you'll do it - FOR YOU! 

Find the time to shop for the right food and spend a few minutes planning the weeks menu.  Find ways to make time the time, not excuses.

You are the caretaker of you and you deserve to be looked after as well.  So if it means forfeiting 15 minutes of TV time, getting up 15 minutes earlier, or arranging tomorrows needs today (by this I mean doing tomorrows shopping today, or doing some of the dinner prep today) then do it.

Get out of the "I'm too busy" mindset and get into the 'this is for me first, my health, my quality of life and my family"  mindset.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thursday check-in

So yesterday morning I really was flat - Schatz had gone out on a CPF patrol at 2am and from there I slept very restlessly and then around 4am the dogs in and around our street, including out own, were barking like crazy and he told me they had been chasing a house burglar. 

You can guess then, I did not go to gym in the morning.  I decided to join the boys when they went in the evening and all I could manage was 15 minutes on the treadmill.  I'm not quite sure why I'm feeling a little flat in my joints, but I really felt unable to push it.  Its still more than I was doing a year ago and as the image above says, "Everyone starts somewhere"!

So this morning I got up, took the boys to school and then thought, hmmm lets check out Cassys' Blogilates which I found over the weekend and was watching some of on Sunday morning.  I decided to try POP Pilates for Beginners: Ab Time!   I also did some arms exercises with my dumbells. 

Oh my oh my - did I battle to get through this workout - and what it tells me is, I need to get a lot more real about it if I want to get rid of this tummy.  My sister Norma mentioned doing a Pilates class at her gym and how it had whacked her, so I was inspired to say the least to give it a try.

I could not do the entire workout and the weird thing, my joints were creaking ... lol ... not sure what that's all about but there were distinct clacks as I started and my abs are feeling a little worked as I sit here.

Have a healthy day now.

Monday, October 14, 2013

How to SUCCEED and SMASH through your goals by Simon Stanley

Simon here with some more awesome content for you, I really hope this helps you focus and smash through your goals and live an exciting, INCREDIBLE lifestyle!

How to Create Effective Goals

We all have things we want to accomplish in life and, for the most part, we do our best to achieve those goals. Sometimes, however, we manage to set goals that aren't effective or achievable and this can cause us a great deal of strife.

How do you know if your goals are effective and achievable?

The first thing to do is jot down the resources you'll need to attain your goal, both physical resources and mental ones. If there's something you need to complete before you can make your goal a reality, prioritize the steps you must take to complete that task first.

Once your resources are in place, you've opened up the highway for achievement. Let's see how to enter the on-ramp so you can be on your way!

Here are some strategies you can use to create effective goals you can achieve:

1. Make sure your goal is specific. Set a measurable goal so you can reach it and succeed.

Determine exact numbers and dates of whatever it is you want to accomplish.

* Saying your goal is to be a faster runner or a better cook doesn't work since there is no specific end target. You won't be able to judge if you've ever reached that goal because, no matter what, there's always room to be better at something.

* On the other hand, saying your goal is to "increase your running speed by shaving 10 seconds off the time it takes you to run your course" is specific and you can tell when you've reached it.

2. Your goal must also be attainable and realistic. You wouldn't set your goal to lose 30 pounds in the next 5 days, because it's just not realistic. Setting a goal to lose 30 pounds over the next 10-12 weeks is a real and attainable goal.

* Unattainable goals are counterproductive. Not only can you never complete an unattainable goal, but it can also prevent you from even trying. By setting a goal you cannot possibly meet, you're setting yourself up for failure.

3. Give yourself a time limit for your goal. Setting a deadline makes the goal a priority, keeps it in your mind, and makes it easier to achieve. If you know you only have a specific time in which to achieve something, you tend to focus more time and energy on that task.

* If you have a big goal, then divide it into smaller goals, or steps. Smaller goals keep you focused on attaining the bigger goal as long as they're related to each other.

* For example, if your goal is to be promoted in six months, then establishing six one-month goals designed to improve your work performance will contribute to the overall goal.

4. Write down your goals. Most people have more than one goal at a time. You can set goals in many different areas: family, work, health, education, hobbies, or any part of your life in which you'd like to make changes.

The question is how to handle all these goals at the same time. Writing down each goal can help you organize them and better motivate you to work toward achieving them.

* Once you have them written down, you may see ways they connect to each other and can devise ways to work on them at the same time.

* For example, let's say one goal you have is to get a job making more money and another is to continue your education. Once you complete your education you should be able to land a better job. See how one goal feeds another?

* Perhaps one goal is to spend more time with your family and another one is to workout.

Well, if you exercised as a family once or twice a week, you'd accomplish both goals at the same time.
Using these goal-setting tips will make your goals more effective and achievable. Once you've created your objectives, make a plan of action steps and stick with it. In time, you'll achieve these goals and you will have a system in place for any endeavour!

Until next time!
Your friend and life coach,
Have any thoughts or questions? Share them by posting your comment below and I'll reply to you personally.

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Monday Motivation : You've been looking for a sign

When do we wake up?  When we're diagnosed with diabetes?  When we have a stroke or heart attack?  Well, lets not wait for that - here's the sign, you're tired, you're miserable, you hate the mirror - THAT'S YOUR SIGN!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday - Springboard for the week

Smoothies ...

Graeme headed out at 6am this morning for a ride with my bil Richard so I was awake and watching some YouTubes of Casseys Blogilates before getting started with my day.

I've done my weekend beauty routine which incorporates a mini home facial consisting on a little exfoliation and then an anti aging mask.  While the masks are on, I epilate.  After the second mask, I bring out my divine Sorbet Body Scrub and then hit the shower.

After rubbing and scrubbing and washing off in the shower - I headed down to get the boys up and see it they wanted to join me for a berry smoothie.  I had some grapes, strawberries and blueberries that were going to need to be eaten or tossed.

Today I'm working on my schedule for the week and what I need to get done.  I'm also looking into a routine for gym and waiting on the information to hit my inbox.  Sunday is a good day to plan for the week so that your head is in the right place.  Remember to put your workout clothes where you can see them.

Well lovelies, I must get on with it but wanted to share my smoothie recipe that I made this morning

Strawberry, Blueberry and Grape Smoothie

1 cup bulgarian yoghurt
1 cup low fat or skim milk
1 tbsp honey (we've been using Bluegum honey and it's divine - bought at Woolworths)
A handful grapes
A handful blueberries
A handful strawberries
4 icecubes

Whizz, serve and enjoy ... the boys agreed it was delicious.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Saturday workout

My knees were feeling achy yesterday and I battled going up and down the stairs, so I opted not to go to gym yesterday.  However, after chatting with my sister yesterday we decided to meet today as I wanted to check out what the BodyCon class was about, although I did not join it as I wanted to just see what it was about - I think its just a new name for the traditional Aerobics class.  I think I'll stick with the Rebounding class for the moment, should my schedule allow, as the impact on the joints is not as extreme.  I'd love if they'd offer it in the late afternoon or on Saturdays as well.

Glenvista Fitness Centre

What : A quick workout
15 minutes treadmill
3 sets of 8 reps Glute
6 sets of 8 reps Hip Abductor
3 sets of 8 reps Back extensions
3 sets of 8 reps Seated row
3 sets of 8 reps Bench Press
Lynn and Connor both worked real hard.  When we were leaving, Lynn asked if I'd like to join them for coffee and I suggested that they come round to my house and I'd make them Peanut butter banana nut smoothie.  The smoothies were divine.  My boys have been spoilt with smooties every morning this past week and the peanut butter one was at Jarods' request.  I looked for some recipes on the net and found a basic one and then pumped it up by adding the nuts and oats. 
Peanut Butter Banana Nut Smoothie
1 x medium banana
1 cup low fat milk
1 tbsp honey
2 tbsp smooth peanut butter
1/2 cup oats
5 almonds
4 ice cubes
Add all to a blender and whizz - serve and enjoy!
Have a happy healthy day.