Friday, October 25, 2013

Weigh-Less Frikkadels

When my sister rejoined Weigh-Less she had two new cookbooks that she had bought at her meeting which had some mighty fine recipes in them, so I asked her to buy them for me, which she kindly did.  This week, I needed some inspiration and took a peep at the Dinner one and found a recipe for 'meatballs' or as they were better know in the old South Africa, Frikkadels (you got to say that with an Afrikaans accent though).

So I bought all the ingredients, did the preparation before lunchtime, popped them in the fridge as per the instructions and then finished them off later in the afternoon.  I did add a few extra herbs to the recipe and also made a 1kg batch as I have no idea what I'd do with a spare 250g of mince.

I'm not the best meatball maker but Moms meatballs are famous and in demand in our family and I felt a little apprehensive going into this whole frikkadel making event ... but, the men in my household loved them.  Schatz who when I handed him his dinner plate told me he didn't think he'd finish half of his plate as he'd only eaten his lunch at around 15:30, ended up having seconds.  The boys raved and I'm just happy I've found a recipe that works.

I made them all meatballs sandwiches with some of the left overs for work and school today ... its worth trying this recipe.

1 Serve = 1 Veg + 1 ½ Protein
Serves 8 – Suitable for members on all Steps
Prep time : 10 min
Cooking time : 40 min
200g tomato
200g onion
20ml Weigh-Less Extra Virgin Olive Oil
750g lean beef mince
40g rolled oats, raw
100ml Ultramel Skim Milk
25ml brown vinegar
½ sachet Knorr Cup-a-Soup Lite, Spicy Tomato
Weigh-Less Non-Stick Spray
salt and pepper
Remove the stem core from the tomatoes and score the bottom with a sharp knife. Plunge the tomatoes in boiling hot water for 30 seconds, remove from water and peel off skins. Roughly chop the tomatoes and onions and fry in the oil until translucent. Mix with the remaining ingredients and leave to chill in fridge for 1 hour. Remove from fridge and break into 16 even sized pieces. Roll into balls and brown in a pan that has been coated with non-stick spray. Once browned, place on a tray and bake in a 180°C oven for 30 minutes or cooked through. Serve.

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