Sunday, November 3, 2013

Launching into another week

Just like that we're on the threshold of another new week.  My household members were complaining on Friday that it should only have been Wednesday.  The week really flew by in a hurry and what a busy week it was.

I only managed to get to gym on Wednesday, so this week I need to get back into the rhythm and my intentions are to do a few more Blogilate workouts.  I've been far more conscious and committed this week to my eating planning and am trusting that the scale will show some movement.  Two more days and we'll know for sure.

Tomorrow I'm off to the US Consulate for my Visa Interview and much prepare my breakfast and snack this evening as I'll be heading out early to avoid the Monday traffic.

I also need to spend a little time planning the meals.  My Schatz enjoyed the Weigh Less Meatballs I made and is keen on having them again, so that's one meal I will make and I would like to try another Weigh Less Meal.

So, off to do some planning, printing for my Interview and get geared for the week.  Hope you've planned your meals and your week.

Let me know how you're doing.

Healthy influences happy ... be happy!

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